Forlorn Mists


Here you’ll find Pristine’s assembly of Felishorns; currently, they are all pre-Tei leaving. Tei has returned and Pristine eventually hopes to expand her herd.

Arianrod is a custom Felishorn I managed to snag in the events shortly before Tei left PI.

Arianrod’s got an overabundance of maternal instincts, feeling as though she’s the mother to nearly all Felishorn she comes across. She’s very protective of Little Poet, as a result. She loves a good conversation, and is very kind at heart.

Little Poet is a Midge Felishorn I won in a poem-writing “Goodbye, Tei!” event.

She’s very smart and very sweet, but extremely shy.

Vyndessa was won in a “Goodbye, Tei!” event for random number-picking.

Vyndessa is a very outgoing, loud, adventurous, boisterous girl, who attracts mischief like a magnet!

Rheyanna was won in the “Goodbye, Tei!” events.

Rheyanna is much like an eagle in that she prefers to go it alone. She’s sarcastic, hypercritical, and straightforwardly realistic about things (some would call this ‘rude’ and ‘pessimistic’), but she loves all of her adopted sisters.

Nebula is a bat-type Felishorn, which I won in the Halloween 2008 events; Vyndessa bribed him with giant insects.

Nebula only really likes Vyndessa; he does his best to get on everyone else’s nerves. However, he’s also easily irritated by others. He doesn’t make the best company, but he’s firmly nested in Vyndessa’s hair, fur, and feathers now.

Onsamar was won in a random thread event. He’s my first actual Felishorn male!

Onsamar is very self-involved and looks down his nose at most other Felish, though he does occasionally find one or two females worthy of his time. When this is the case, he stalks them quietly, often in the shadows. He is very much a loner Felish.

Kalani was won in a “Dirty Santa” event during the 2008 Felishorn Advent Calendar events.

Kalani is the easiest bet you’ve ever made; somehow, her markings influenced her from birth, and today she is every bit the happy, sunny blue sky that’s painted out in individual hairs across her flanks. She is sometimes a little too optimistic, daydreaming into the future with wild schemes.

Kendrah won Coenraad in the 2008 Felishorn Advent Calendar events, and gifted him to me. Thank you so much, Kendrah, he’s so handsome!

Coenraad is a silent brute… but he absolutely loves to bake. What he doesn’t say with words, he often says with muffins… or cakes… or pies… or any other manner of confection. At special times during the year, he will create some of his famously delicious chocolates. He refuses to wear an apron, though.

Eldrina was won some time during the Fall of 2008.

She is a very flighty individual, no pun intended. She rarely has her mind on only one thing and is often racing around late for things she didn’t remember making an appointment for. Despite her scatter-brained nature, she’s a fun companion.

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