Forlorn Mists


Living here are all manner and type of strange cat-like beings that have, for unknown but highly pertinent reasons, surely, been named Lazercats. They are given all of the kibble, litter, scratching posts, and strange accessories they may need.

Amalthea was a custom purchased for me by Starwind sometime in late 2007/early 2008.

A shy and elusive Lazercat, she spends her days pausing by reflecting pools for contemplation, running gracefully in front of haunting scenery, chasing crimson-colored bovines, strolling on beaches with her loved ones, and occasionally turning into a human female. She’s not very fond of the last part.

Majesty was a Secret Santa gift from the holiday events of 2010, a gift from Starwind.

Just as shy as his female Lazercat counterpart, Amalthea, except for different reasons… well, just one: he’s ashamed of his horn. More than simply turning pink or slinking away when others see him with it, he will go to great and even counterproductive lengths to hide it, frequently putting his head behind things, holding things in front of it, or even donning outlandish hats.

Innocence was a Secret Santa gift from the holiday events of 2010, a gift from CosmicDragon.

Always just out of reach, this Lazercat spends her time flying above all, looking down and watching the world’s goings-on. She rarely lands, and even more rarely stays landed for long; only long enough to drink, eat, catch her breath, and keep flying again. Very little is known about her.

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