Forlorn Mists

Lepus Draconis

This page is image-intensive and not for the faint of internet connection!

A corner of Pristine’s yard is blocked off to house these creatures; a natural woodland-scape fills the inside of the fenced-off area and contains several hollow logs, tree-knots, warren-holes, and just about anything a happy Lepus would ever need.


Kyralic is my first Lepus Draconis; she is a full custom, gifted to me from Starwind at the very beginning of the adoptable. Inandip is her bonded Phaefyr companion.

Kyralic is a sunny, optimistic character with a fiery temper and sense of loyalty. Â She’s rash, and not very calculative. She doesn’t have very good control of her firepowers (and if time is any indication, she may never)


I won Arianrod as an egg in an in-thread event.

Arianrod is somewhat shy and reserved, but she wants to become a bard – of sorts – some day, and so must work on her social skills. She enjoys singing to herself and others, loves nature, and has a big heart… but it can break easily.


Khaldrian was, I believe, a semi-custom slot I won. As of March 2010, he is Life-Mated to Lectral’s Galansa! Shafilla is Khaldrian’s bonded Phaefyr.

Khaldrian wants desperately to be the “tough guy,” but he lacks self-esteem and is constantly second-guessing all of his actions. He likes helping and protecting others, but doesn’t feel that he’s skilled or strong enough to do so.


Serasanithstra is a pre-made Lepus I won in an in-thread event to come up with a word for what a group of Lepus are called.

Serasanithstra is a motherly figure of sorts; she enjoys caring for the younger Lepus and is always eager to help her Keeper take care of the hatchling-rabble. She’s very in-tune with nature. She abhors fighting, war, arguments, or anything of the sort.


Auramyrkya was won in an in-thread event when I created the sub-species Anguis Lepus Draconis; she was randomly generated and I was amazingly lucky enough to be the first Ka’Rhyn (demonus; obsidian gemkin) owner!

Auramyrkya refuses to acknowledge the superiority of anyone, save for her Keeper; she is self-centered and egotistical to a major fault, and has a very nasty attitude when confronted (or even addressed, depending on how bad her mood is). If she could, she would be alone in the wilderness, hunting and night, not tied down to anything… except Pristine, with whom she has a tenuous but intriguing bond.


Calzyr was won in the first (2008) annual Mushroom Hunt; he was a wild ti’rhyn RP prize.

Calzyr is stubborn about things he decides… but he changes his mind a lot. Still, whatever his mind is on, he won’t have you telling him to change it; it changes as often and randomly as the wind’s direction. As such, he’s pretty scatter-brained.


Fiambre was colored by me in the ‘Color Your Own Muertos Lepus Draconis’ event, part of the Lepus Draconis Halloween events in 2008.

Fiambre is a quiet but suave character; he enjoys the hunt for ladies, but less so the final capture, and so is often seen wooing more than one female ti’rhyn with his cool, almost self-absorbed nature (he knows he looks good!)


This Lepus Draconis was a prize for Fiambre winning the best in the male category of the Color-Your-Own Muertos Lepus Draconis event.

Muiwen is a very inquisitive character; she is constantly alert, visibly interested in everything around her. She will often be the first to investigate, travel a new path, or take the plunge… as a result, she also often makes many bad decisions.


This Lepus Draconis is a result of a breeding between Lectral’s Galansa and my Khaldrian.

Jirekah is a very secretive ti’rhyn; she prefers that no one ever know what she is thinking or about to do or doing or has done. As a result, she has a hard time getting along with others… she doesn’t dislike others, and she desperately wants to have companions, but she often refuses to open up even the smallest bit; it is simply a quirk of hers.


This egg is a result of a breeding between faemien’s Na Fir-Chlis and my Auramyrkya.

Lindele is a very self-assured ti’rhyn, despite her mother’s constant berating. She is a very curious soul, especially when it comes to plants and trees. She is, however, occasionally prone to her mother’s grumpiness, so it is best not to rile her.


Periryn was won during the 2008 Solstice events; she came to the coterie when she was curiously found holding a stocking which Pristine had hung for the holidays.

No personality; just a pretty ti’rhyn. :)


Altandelesh was won in a “spot the Lepus Draconis kiriban,” for the 777th post.

Altan has a bit of a personality problem… he has been known to take things the wrong way repeatedly and without warning. He’ll usually apologize for his misstep, but this leaves him as a very depressed and resultingly self-absorbed ti’rhyn. He has never felt as though he has ‘fit in’ with the rest of Pristine’s coterie, so he tends to keep to himself.


Wahmenitu is a semi-custom I purchased with an LDAD that I got for the Holidays of 2008.

This ti’rhyn is, contrary to much of Pristine’s ti’rhyn, ever-wise and ever-patient. If he ever gets angry, it would be best to stay out of his way, because it’s a mood probably even his own dear mother has never seen him in. Despite his imposing figure (he stands a bit higher than the rest of the males in the coterie), Wah has always had a very gentle touch, and soft, quiet voice, which can easily get lost in a crowd.


Dryanna is a semi-custom I purchased with an LDAD that I got for the Holidays of 2008.

Dryanna has the soul of an adventurer with the brain of dictator; she loves to go exploring, and is usually the one whose tail you will see wagging in front of you as she takes the lead. Despite her attempts to lead, she resents when people treat her as a leader, and can become easily frustrated with requests for assistance or understanding. She’s not the type to be trifled with.


Porfirion was won in a bump and jump raffle in February 2009.

Like a rambunctious big brother in many ways, Porfirion loves to play with younger ti’rhyn. He’s very rough ‘n tumble, and loves to create new games to play in the underbrush. He also very much loves to hunt, and so you will often see him with his nose lifted to the winds, manipulating them to find the scents he is after.

Pyrope and Djimon

Djimon was won in a bump and jump raffle in February of 2009. He is a bonded lifemate to Pyrope (doe), who belongs to Faemien.

Djimon is very happy with his attachment to Pyrope; so happy, in fact, that he rarely decides to talk to other ti’rhyn, much prefering her company (even when she is in the company of others). He’s not a very opinionated individual, often simply nodding and going along with ‘the rest.’ He likes to collect pebbles.


Gwyden is a prize for winning one of the RP games in the Journey to the Crystal Caverns thread in March of 2009.

Gwyden takes his ability to purify and uncontaminate very seriously; he is somewhat of an obsessive worry-wart, but he also particularly enjoys a magical challenge. Magic is one of his favorite things, and he is always attempting to find it in all places around him. It is one of the reasons he was attracted to Pristine’s coterie in the first place!


Azuuar is a Precious custom I received for paying for an account renewal in March 2009.

Azuuar surely is a sagacious, sometimes surly, sporadically self-serving ti’rhyn. She can seem like an all right sort of doe, and smile as she stabs you in the back for thirty pieces of silver. In this way she is altogether misleading; as the cool oases among her markings draw you in, she is already devising a plan to receive the most benefit for herself out of your companionship. Her paw-guards look rather fierce; who knows where they came from…?


Hannavi was won for catching the Lepus Draconis account’s 999th post.

Despite her venemous colors, Hannavi is a very innocent – even clueless – ti’rhyn. She is quite cautious, and will not hesitate to ask any question that might come to her. Unlike most pu’rhyn, she does not like to sing… however, she does love to make music with instruments, namely percussion. You may find her smacking her tail against a hollow log or rapping a claw on a piece of tin just to create a beat.


Ehehini was a prize for a portion of the early 2009 Crystal Cavern RP; she was originally awarded to CosmicDragon, who graciously gave her to me. Thank you, Cosmic!

Ehehini loves to make others laugh. She is a little flurry of tumbles and prat-falls, pranks and pie-gags. Sometimes she will upset a ti’rhyn, but she will only snicker at them, turn tail, and run, trying to turn their ire into yet another game. She doesn’t know how her back right paw became purple, but she imagines it as a gift and subsequently calls it her “lucky paw”.


Gwenielle was a prize for participating in the Crystal Cavern Hunt RP thread in early 2009.

A romantic at heart, Gwen is sometimes a little melodramatic. She is always imagining a new scenario in which her Prince Charming sweeps her off her feet. Contrary to this, she absolutely abhors children, although mostly only those who are not go’rhyn; she believes they are dirty, thoughless, and ignorant (and even go’rhyn children she views as rather hopeless, refusing to do more than acknowledge them until they’ve grown).


Erz was won in the Eosturmonath thread in Spring of 2009, in an egg picking game.

Erz loves to be the center of attention. He will do just about anything to have at least one pair of eyes watching him. He doesn’t take many things seriously, and can cause a lot of trouble as a result. He is especially fond of sweet treats, and if he smells that you are hiding some from him, he will usually headbutt your tender parts until you relinquish them.


Pawilo was won in a ’slow’ Make-a-Lepus in the Eosturmonath thread in Spring of 2009.

Pawilo speaks only the Wylde tongue; she is essentially mute with her mind. Or perhaps she just prefers the more natural way. As it is her only speech, she has learned how to make a wide variety of noises, ranging from bird calls to animal noises to even some sounds in nature (such as rushing rapids and the rustle of a bush). She is always striving to live in harmony with all things.


Wentwerph was a semi-custom won in a flower picking contest for Eosturmonath 2009.

Wentwerph (went-wurf) is an easily exciteable ti’rhyn with an unfortunate knack to annoy others… it’s almost as if his name, which the rest of the coterie has shortened to Twerp, was chosen for him with an inkling toward his personality. He does not like responsibility or doing things for others; only himself, and only what he wants to do. Especially when he wants to do it. He can leap very high and loves to jump on other ti’ryn, which can get quite irritating.


Zyvanit was won in a Paint-An-Egg contest during Eosturmonath 2009. You can see the egg here.

Zyvanit is a beautiful ti’rhyn, but rather clueless of her gift. She is a quiet, calm, kind soul most of the time… except when she is around male ti’rhyn. Male ti’rhyn are of great interest to her, and she will follow them and badger them ceaselessly. She also abhors being dirty and is thusly a very meticulous cleaner, often spending a third of the day cleaning the same patch of fur she’d cleaned for a third of the day before.


Noe’ula was a prize for creating the newest species of Lepus Draconis – Tellus (Ma’rhyn) – by writing a descriptive article about the species and one specimen in particular (her).

Noe’ula is generally a very proud ma’rhyn. She stands tall, with perfect posture, and is almost always seen with a very serious face as she scans her surroundings meticulously. She is quiet, and not entirely sociable. She does, however, love her Keeper, and she is always looking for Pristine’s affection, sometimes ignoring even her proud nature to roll over for tummy scratches.


Hollmyr was won by wishing on the Fiapuri in Summer 2009.

Stubborn, sullen, and silent, Hollmyr is a large brute. His statuesque colors are really no surprise once you get to know him; he’s not very adventurous and would certainly prefer to simply sit in one place. As a matter of fact, it seems every time he lays down to rest, he’ll rest for days, and when he awakens he’ll have attracted a smattering of ivy. He’s started to simply leave it on until it falls off on his own, too tired of trying to remove it from his imposing antlers and spike’d backside.


Arrin was won by wishing on the Fiapuri in Summer 2009.

Arrin loves Noe’ula. Though the ma’rhyn doe is not her mother, Arrin was orphaned and has been following her for a short time. She tries to mimic her every move and hopes to be exactly like her some day… though she knows she’ll never have the magnificent features of her idol. Arrin also loves being a child, coddled and treated delicately, and never wants to grow up. Ever.


Filora was won in the Lepus Draconis 1 year anniversary raffle in June 2009.

With her impeccable sense of time, Filora is quite the task-master of the coterie. She hates when things aren’t getting done and often makes up schedules in her head of what each of the ti’rhyn should be doing at any given point (she can get quite frustrated since they often don’t do any of it). She tends to hang around the ma’rhyn, since their calming scents seem to make her less obsessive.


Zsahala was won in a Precious Gemkin auction in June 2009.

This ti’rhyn’s personality matches her coloring; Zsahala is wild, crazy, and adventurous. Some would call her fearless, but she just manages to hide her fright well. She loves flowers – especially brightly-colored ones – and often you can find her strolling a flower path and nibbling on buds. She has also loved playing with her powers from a young age and uses them almost any chance she gets.


Maosol was won in a Precious Gemkin auction in June 2009.

Mao is full of ancient wisdom… which is odd, because he’s really not that old. Maybe some of his ‘wisdom’ isn’t actually wisdom and he’s just making it up, and knows how to make it sound good… there’s really no way to know. In any case, Mao likes to think he’s helping other ti’rhyn with his wisdom, so he dispenses it at every opportunity.


Jen was won in a contest to write the legend of the Three Sisters moons in early November 2008 (the Eclipse/Halloween thread).

Jen is a carefree, playful ti’rhyn, with a strange power to heal with her song that she hasn’t quite figured out yet. Her parents have always said she is bless’d, but she has always felt she was just a normal ti’rhyn, and she acts like it. She loves to play with almost anyone and anything, even non-ti’rhyn creatures, and she is always excited about and interested in new things.

Bambu and Pampu

Bambu and Pampu were won by wishing on the Fiapuri in the Summer of 2009.

No personalities yet, whoops!


Keshkashanna was purchased with Treats from the Halloween festivities in 2009.

Kesh has a lazy personality, like a slow-moving river. She likes to sleep in the shade, nuzzled into soft grass, and can rarely be roused for anything except baths. She loves to get baths. She will eagerly leap in any body of water she encounters just to feel the cool wetness of water against her fur and skin.


Boofer was purchased with Treats from the Halloween festivities in 2009.

Boofer was aptly named, being both a very large, brutish sort of ti’rhyn, and also quite a goof. Despite the goofiness he exhibits, he is actually quite witty sometimes, and very easy to get along with.


Chiwa was won in a “post an image” game around the Halloween festivities of 2009.

She has little more than a sneer and a scornful look for any ti’rhyn who dare to approach her. It’s hard to tell for what reason she has joined Pristine’s coterie, being that she seems to have such a strong distaste for being around large numbers of other ti’rhyn, but Pristine has gone to some length to make sure the other ‘rhyn keep from bothering her.


Contumax was a franken-lepus won in a game around the Halloween festivities of 2009.

With a sultry gaze and pleasant, deep, almost mysterious voice, Contumax is a curiosity for many male ti’rhyn. She seems to love leading them on, batting her ample eyelashes at them and swishing her tail temptingly behind herself. She has very good use of her fire-powers and often uses them to her enticing advantage.


Zubaitah was a runner-up in the High Buck and High Doe voting during the 2009 Dia De Los Muertos festivities.

Zubaitah is quite the enigmatic soul; everything she says, she says backward. As such, it can be VERY difficult to understand her, though some ‘rhyn will try. Some believe the cause for this affliction is because she died doing something backward; others believe the travel through the veil just damaged her mind. Whatever the cause, she seems perfectly happy as-is.


Oorloth was purchased with an LDAD in a near-Valentines flatsale in February 2010.

Oorloth has a feeling that he was meant for something greater. He spends a lot of his time trying to figure out the meaning of his life. A lot of other ‘rhyn think he’s quite silly for this… they’re more content to simply eat a good meal or enjoy a good nap, but Oorloth is always searching…


Chisenesha is a prize from Eosturmonath 2010; I was able to use a participation-gift LDAD to have my Eosturmonath egg turned into a ti’rhyn. Here is what the egg looked like.

Chise is very small for a ti’rhyn, looking only about two-thirds the size of her other Keeper-mates. She spends most of her time looking up, up, up… whether it be at the stars above, or just trying to avoid being bumped into or crushed! She’s very soft-spoken and timid; a rarely-seen member of Pristine’s coterie, to be sure.

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