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Pony Dungeons and Dragons

Information for the Pony Dungeons and Dragons Campaign below. First, please find the eight pony breeds. After that, an introduction to the setting where the beginning of the campaign will take place. All ponies will be beginning there.



Earthponies are hardy, hard-working, generally friendly, and flexible. They specialize in all manner of things and are a prominent breed in Azuyan. Their intimate knowledge of the earth and ages walked upon it afford them a few stabilizing attributes. No one knows of their origins, but they have adapted to every clime of Azuyan and travel very frequently; they have a shorter lifespan than many pony breeds and frequently want to see as much as they can in the time they have.

- Medium Creature
- Base land speed is 40 feet
- 1 extra feat at 1st level
- 4 extra skill points at 1st level and 1 extra skill point at each additional level
- Special Abilities/Attributes:
Surefooted- When on solid ground and not squeezing, or occupying the same space as another character more than 2 sizes smaller than them, Earthponies receive a +4 bonus to all checks involving movement or balance (including resisting and using Bullrush/Overrun)

Resistance – When on solid ground, Earthponies gain +1 on saving throws for Will and Fortitude,


Pegasi are a boisterous, proud breed with a hearty lust for life and all of its thrills (most especially including liquors; they can become quite uncouth). They are as sturdy in the air as Earthponies are on land. Many pegasi feel at home in or near the mountains, frequently mining into them to make “roosts”. Few Pegasi feel completely at home without a few of their own kind around, but some will travel to experience more thrills.

- +2 Con, -2 Cha
- Medium Creature
- Base land speed is 30 feet; Base air speed is 30 feet (even with armor)
Special Abilities/Attributes:
Winged Fortitude – Pegasi whose wings are not entangled or obstructed can Fly at perfect speed, and receive a +2 racial bonus to Str. When using Charge, they can choose to either add +2 to their Str modifier bonus for damage purposes, or to not receive the -2 to AC.
Dedicated Focus- Pegasi who choose a Spellcasting Class at 1st level receive a +2 misc bonus to Int, Wis, and Cha when determining Bonus Spells each level, Pegasi who choose a non-spellcasting class receive a +2 misc bonus to Str, Dex, and Con when determining what Feats they qualify for.


Unicorns are a studious, noble, and sometimes secretive breed. They have been attuned to the special magics of Azuyan since their race became known to the world, and they excel at them. They tend to fraternize most with their own kind, in glorious and towering cities they build for themselves, but have been known to travel when their curiosity gets the best of them.

- +2 Int, -2 Con
- Medium Creature
- Base land speed is 30 feet
Special Abilities/Attributes:

Horn Gore: 1d8 damage (piercing and bludgeoning), and all Disarm, Bull Rush, and Trip attempts with it have the Edge. It does double damage on a charge, like a lance. You cannot use this attack on a pounce.
Unicorns who have taken levels in spellcasting classes gain the following abilities:

1st level: Mage Hand 3/day, Floating Disk 1/day, Blink Teleport 1/day.

5th level: Levitate 2/day, Cure Light Wounds (Mass) 1/day, +2/day to previous abilities.

10th level: +2/day to previous abilities.

15th level: 1st level bonuses are now at will, +2/day uses to other abilities.

20th level: 5th level bonuses are now at will


Agile, quick-witted, and sometimes seeming a little unstable, the flutterponies are a breed that has managed to infect almost every crevice of Azuyan. Though there are black sheep, many or most of flutterponies are creatures of goodness and light and giggles and sparkles. They frequently like to create mischief, as well. Flutterponies and Dragonponies have an ages-old rivalry that has become so ingrained, no pony can tell you where it came from.

- +2 Dex, -2 Str
- Small Creature; +1 to AC, +1 on attack rolls, +4 to Hide, May only use Small or Medium weapons
- Base land speed is 20 feet; Base air speed is 40 feet
- Special Abilities/Attributes:

Utter Flutter- Flutterponies flight is an Extraordinary ability, it is not affected by anti-magic fields, nor do their flight stop if their wings are entangled/obstructed. A Flutterpony can choose to remain mid-air even while asleep, distracted, etc; and even ignore the effects of weather for flight purposes.

1/day at first level and an additional use per day every 5 levels, a Flutterpony can choose to act as if under the affect of an Expeditious Retreat spell (as if cast by a sorcerer of their level).

Dispel Magic – 30ft radius around PC nearest to caster (must be within 60ft radius of caster). 1/day at 1st level; 2/day at 5th; 3/day at 10th; 4/day at 15th; at will at 20th.


Dragonponies are a brutish, sometimes dull-headed, but always menacing breed of pony. Easily the largest breed, Dragonponies tend to get their way by brute force. They often live in loose, nomadic bands of other Dragonponies who can tolerate their company; those who do not, tend to live alone. Flutterponies and Dragonponies have an ages-old rivalry that has become so ingrained, no pony can tell you where it came from.

- +2 Str, -2 Cha
- Large Creature; +1 to Reaction Saves, +1 to dmg, -4 to Hide, May only use Medium or Large weapons , -1 to attack bonuses)

- Base land speed is 40 feet; Base air speed is 20 feet
- Special Abilities/Attributes:
Dragon Fear- Dragonponies can choose which stat they wish to base their intimidate off of instead of Charisma, and add a +4 Racial bonus to Intimidate as well, which becomes +8 when used against Flutterponies. Dragonponies are Immune to Dragon Fear.
Dragon Breath- During character creation, each Dragonpony must choose what kind of breath weapon it has- see Monster Manual for more information regarding breath weapons, including area of effect and type of damage based on Large size. Breath weapons are usable every 1d4+1 round.)


Phoenixponies are a jovial, entertaining breed with perhaps not the most intelligence but enough of an amiable demeanor to counteract it. They usually love to entertain and be in the spotlight, sometimes when it’s least appropriate. An air-loving breed, these ponies tend to make their homes in high places such as large hills, mountaintops, and even the canopies of some taller trees. Since they get along so famously with other breeds, they can be found almost anywhere in Azuyan.

- +2 Cha, -2 Int
- Medium Creature
- Base land speed is 30 feet; Base air speed is 30 feet
- Special Abilities/Attributes:
Radiant Aura – PhoenixPonies that are hit by adjacent characters automatically deal 1d6 fire damage to the attacker, and when using unarmed attacks deal an additional 1d6 fire damage. This Aura is optional, they can choose to suppress it at will as an Immediate action.
Aerial Charge - Phoenixponies that use charge while in mid-air can continue their unused doubled movement after the attack hits (still in a straight line); if they have extra movement and choose to NOT use it, they receive an additional +2 to attack, and double their Str Modifier for damage purposes, increase their critical modifier by an additional +2, and receive an additional -2 AC modifier. (these bonuses and penalties all stack with the Charge modifiers)


Purrponies are a largely distrusted breed in Azuyan… though much of this distrust is unfounded, as only about half of the population of Purrponies are secretive, stealthy, underhanded, manipulative, and mischievous; the other half are kind, attentive, loyal companions with keen and quick reflexes and senses. Their kind has emerged from the plains and grasslands of Azuyan, frequently finding new homes in major cities.

- +2 Dex, -2 Wis

- Medium Creature
- Base land speed is 30 feet
- Special Abilities/Attributes:
Cunning – Purrponies are never flat-footed, except by rogues of 4 levels higher than them.
Darkvision – Purrponies have 60′ Darkvision

Cat’s Grace Subject gains +4 to Dex for 1 min./level.­


With a tough exterior covered in shimmering scales, the Kirinpony breed does not seem at all approachable; however, one might find that they are actually quite polite, if a bit gruff. Their armor allows them great protection from injury and they use it to their full advantage, frequently finding careers as fighters and mercenaries. They are an old and streetwise breed that generally live in Kirinpony-only clans in the forests of Azuyan, close to nature, which seems to somehow feed health into them.

- +2 Con, -2 Dex
- Medium Creature
- Base land speed is 30 feet
- Special Abilities/Attributes:
Scaled Hide (EX) – Kirinponies receive a +2 Natural Armor bonus (and thus qualify for the feat Improved Natural Armor), Kirinponies receive SR 10 at level 5, SR 17 at level 10, SR 24 at level 15, and SR 31 at level 20. If a critical hit would be scored against a Kirinpony, roll percentiles- on a result of 75 or higher, the critical hit is ignored, and the attack is treated as a normal hit.
Weak Regeneration- Kirinponies heal at double the normal natural rates. 1/day at 1st level, and +1 per every 5 levels, a Kirinpony can recover hit points equal to its Constitution Mod as a Free Action, but no more than 1 time per hour.


The City of Opalcoast

The city is known across the Isle of Iskeli for two things: its wide variety of fish, and its amazing black market. The former it gets from the adjacent Bay of Belograssa, and the latter is a relic from the Old Ages, a mystery that draws tourists from the darkest corners of the isle.

Each year in the early spring, a celebration called the Days of Spawnlight occurs. Fish from the depths of the sea come up to the Bay of Belograssa to mate; their bioluminescent copulation creates a spectacle of colors that bathes the city in festive light through the nights. The consequent sleeplessness and resulting revelry in the city adjacent has grown to become one of the largest celebrations on Iskeli.

A pact between the Duke of the city and the owner of Secosal’s Black Market (Sault Secosal himself) has allowed the market – however illegal – to find refuge in this city for the three Days of Spawnlight. Usually the Black Market moves from town to town, location to location; magic allows it to occupy the space of another building, but only be entered by those carrying the specific magic items… and it is as though it can move when it feels it is sensed, to a different city on the Isle of Iskeli, shopkeeps, customers, and all. During the Days of Spawnlight, however, it is mysteriously controlled, kept in plain sight in a vast courtyard, and open to any of the public who dare enter it. Being a Black Market, it is not exactly a safe place, and most tourists step in, only to step out again and brag of having entered.

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