Forlorn Mists

Retired Adoptables

Here you will find the adoptables Pristine owns whose original owners have left Pony Island and no longer sell their adoptable. That doesn’t mean she loves them any less!


By RandomGeekyGuy

Twyll was my first Omni, a semi-custom I purchased for PG.

Baracuda was my second Omni; I believe he was a surprise egg that I won that randomly contained a set of triple Atlantians. Calla and Kendrah own the other two!

Hikaru is the first cosplay adoptable I have ever purchased, and the first adoptable I ever spent $USD on; she was purchased to try to help RandomGeekyGuy out with some money troubles, but in the end he left Pony Island anyway. I’m glad he managed to get her done before leaving and sad that he left. :(

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