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Here you will find Pristine’s Samanayrs (Sushi-Dragon’s Samanayr website may be found here:Â They are free to flit about her giant wooded backyard and chat with the other adoptables…

Sting of the Winter Wasp was won in a Samanayr-forum semi-custom draw.

Song of the Winter Thorn

Despite her cheery Christmas colorings, Sting is frequently very grumpy; I’m sure she’s tired of people mistaking her for a delicious candycane.

Snow was won in a “Home for the Holidays” writing event in the Samanayr holiday events for 2008. In my story, we went skiing and tubing at a ski lodge, and then sat down by the fire to enjoy a cup (or bowl) of hot cocoa.

Song of the Heart’s Thaw

Snow is a very shy girl, preferring to spend her time dreaming of snow… if she’s not busy playing in it. One will often find her sitting by a window simply staring outside, either enjoying the fluff-covered scenery or imagining it, during the hotter months.

Molten Silver is another semi-custom draw win, from January of 2009.

Song of the Sterling Brilliance

Silver is a stern and gruff stallion, not very much of a conversationalist or good company, preferring to spend his time on duties and formalities.

Flash is a semi-custom I won in a sprout-gathering game in February of 2009.

Song of the Baleful Threat

Flash is an easily-startled Samanayr; almost anything and everything, from her shadow, to the wind, to other Samanayrs speaking in regular voices, can and will startle her. She’s the type of Samanayr who, when she first walks into a room, will immediately assess exactly how many hiding places it has and how easy they are to reach.

Cascade is a custom I won during a “design a new trait” contest in March of 2009. I designed the ‘pudgy’ trait, which she displays!

Song of the Royally Rotund

Cascade is bubbly and easily excitable; you’d think she’d lose a little weight with all of that exercise! Even though she can’t play for long, she absolutely loves joining in on Samanayr and Lamanayr games!

Peace is a custom I won during a “design a new trait” contest in March of 2009. I designed the ‘pudgy’ trait, which he displays! (Sam 10th Birthday image by Taliba; thank you!)

Song of the Renewed Woodlands

Peace is a very quiet but clearly insightful Lamanayr; he is often found standing around simply contemplating the mysteries of nature. Sometimes, if you are patient, he will reveal these mysteries to you…

Facet is a baby from the Song of the Rainbow Hotsprings’ Glint and Shadow. She was won in a bribery contest in spring of 2009.

Song of the Triumphant Dusk

Despite the menacing ram’s horns, Facet is not a very aggressive Samanayr. However, she is a very loyal Samanayr, and if she feels as though any of her friends or family are in danger, she can and will use her horns to straighten things out. She’s generally a Sam of few, more necessary, words.

Scarce is a custom Samanayr I purchased in July 2009. He was originally an entry in a contest for a free custom, but I loved him so much I had to order him!

Song of the Rainfall’s Journey

Scarce is an apprehensive Samanayr, often pessimistic and unable to see any good in himself. He has power over water, which is amplified by the dowsing rod around his neck. He loves Samanayr mares, but somehow none of them seem to sate him; he keeps dreaming of the Samanayr Elemental he met at a cool oasis one day, the one who gave him the necklace. His story can be found here (clickable).

Patter was won in a Frankensam in the August 2009 thread.

Song of the Cheerful Stream

Patter is a bit of a quirky Samanayr. She loves to wear odd dress and talk in a silly manner, she loves to dance at the most inappropriate times, and she loves to eavesdrop and make her way into conversations where she doesn’t at all belong. Maybe a little annoying, but always friendly.

Shadow was a semi-custom, won for 4th place in the Samanayr 10th Birthday art contest of August 2009.

Song of the Corrupted Umbra

Shadow is a very quiet, stealthy Samanayr. She spends almost all her time observing other Samanayrs from the shadows, always silently, her eyes half-lidded with condescension, anger, or boredom (you’ll never know which). She’s a very powerful-looking, intimidating Samanayr, and she just wants to be left alone. Or does she?

Grandeur is a custom, won for 3rd place in the 300th Samanayr New Breed contest; I suggested the Bruntayr species.

Song of the Antediluvian Firmament

Grandeur is almost endlessly pleased with himself, constantly preening and making certain his presence is known. If you try to ignore him, he’ll flutter his wings and take off in rapid flight… even despite all his pompousness, he is a very quick flier, and he absolutely adores zipping through the sky, poking holes in clouds and racing birds and generally enjoying himself.

Determination (and her chickadee) were gifts from the 2009 Samanayr Secret Santa. Thanks to whomever got them for me!!!

Song of the Thundering Hooves

Determination loves to run. She will run anywhere, any time; she rarely sits down and even more rarely sleeps. She loves the sound of rain because it reminds her of the sound of her hooves hitting the ground. Swift, her chickadee, sometimes has a hard time catching up, but if he’s feeling out of breath, he just grasps on to her mane and lets her keep running!

Calm of the Windswept Dunes is a Sam from my first successful breeding, which happened in May of 2010. She is a twin to Orasteele’s boy, Migration of the Scarce Rains.

Song of the Gypsum Sun

Calm is a mirror of her name, a polite, hard-to-anger Samanayr with a tendency to walk, speak, and think rather slowly. She’s rarely excited, though she does find joy and contentment in many a thing, generally slow-trickling rivers or the sound of soft rain… which is a problem, because she lives in the desert. She seems to be constantly searching…

Peril is a baby from my second successful breeding, which happened some time in early 2011. She is a twin to my Sear of the Poisoned Flame.

Song of the Exuberant Mayhem

Peril loves to wreak mayhem and madness. Her ability to breathe fire only assists her in this cause, and she is most definitely a pyromaniac on many levels. Her eccentric and ever-changing moods have driven away many another Samanayr, but she still finds company with others who wish to be harbingers of death and despair.

Sear is a baby from my second successful breeding, which happened some time in early 2011. She is a twin to my Peril of the Disastrous Flame.

Song of the Shimmering Wind

Sear can be quite the temperamental filly, but she is nothing like her deranged sister. It’s hard to tell what is going on in Sear’s mind at any given moment, and she seems to only ever divulge the most necessary of information, but she rarely lies. She’s been known to become aggressive from time to time, and she has an adoration of shiny things.

Arrival was won in a “May Spring be Gentle and Summer Fierce” event in late April of 2011.

Song of the Catlike Purrfection

Arrival is one of the most prideful Samanayrs around. He is proud of his heritage, proud of his intelligence, proud of his appearance, proud of the mates he’s found and the mates he will find, proud of his hunting kills – past, present, and future – and it’s obvious that, should a God ever come down to punish a Sam for pride, Arrival would be one of the first in line for a spanking. Still, he manages to be generous and kind and helpful… he’s just very proud of it.

Agony is a baby won from a Breeding Token breeding in late Summer of 2011.

Song of the Raptor’s Cry

Agony is a rather two-faced mare, with a tendency to get other Samanayrs interested, draw them in, and then nip and chide away at their reserves until, frustrated, they blow up and leave. She’s not quite sure why she does this, but she finds it enjoyable. She’s really not to be trusted with anything.

Reel was part of a trade with Sushidragon as one of my Guest Artist gift Samanayrs; we traded in October of 2011.

With a spritely step and coy glance, Reel is a distant and mysterious – but handsome – Sa’grisayr with a penchant for dance… his favorite being the jig. Despite all of the extra plumage, he’s surprisingly graceful, and manages even the most difficult of step patterns, hops, leaps, and twists. He’s a fun Sa’grisayr to play with for a short time, but he can be awfully quiet and introspective as time passes.

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