Forlorn Mists


Here you will find Pristine’s Tasainilen; she has made an agreement with them to provide them shelter and soft pillows to rest their weary bodies on, in return for them protecting her various other adoptables. So far the arrangement is working…

Hurlyburly is my first Tasainilen; she was won in a lottery event during Halloween of 2008.

Hurlyburly is quite the odd Berserker. She has free reign of Pristine’s stables and often likes to harass the other Tasainilen and adoptables at her leisure, however it is only to cause mass confusion. She likes to think she can change the world to better mimic the mass confusion in her mind.

Esuisha was won in a “Franken”-Tasainilen event, where multiple people chose various parts of her colors, markings, and name (I actually chose the name!) in late 2008.

Esuisha is a very calm, if vain, individual. She loves to preen in front of the mirror, and leaves Hurlyburly to her madness. She was called “dirty-foot” a lot as a child due to her pale mud-stockings, and as a result seems to need to prove to everyone that she’s practically clean enough to eat off of… not that she would allow you to do that, you’re far too dirty to even be touching her.

Tae-Rashel was won in a “Franken”-Tasainilen event, also in late 2008.

Tae is a very quiet commoner, not prone to bothering any of his Tasainilen “companions” (he figures HurlyBurly is bothered enough in the head already). He would rather spend his days writing poetry and gazing at beautiful scenery. He’s a romantic at heart, and has even tried to woo Esuisha… to no avail, as she would rather see herself in a mirror than any other Tasainil.

SilvaShadow was won in a “Franken”-Tasainilen event in the winter 2008 breeding thread.

Silva is a withdrawn character; quiet… you would likely never hear a thing from him, perhaps in your entire lifetime. He will offer the occasional rare insight, but generally his outlook is cynical. He’s actually developed a somewhat hermit-like and crotchety lifestyle, preferring to spend and and all time by himself, doing… whatever it is he does. We assume he spends his time grumbling.

Berkesh is the son of Hurlyburly and CosmicDragon’s Diablo, born during the breeding in winter of 2008.

Berkesh does not know his father, and has never cared to. He is a very quiet child, usually only speaking when spoken to. Inside, however, he is generally stewing over his mother’s condition; she is a very unstable Tasainil, and aside from her general random moods and fiery, angry outbursts, she consistently embarrasses him, in public and in private. He usually tries to channel his anger into something constructive, but isn’t always successful.

Kyralic was a semi-custom won in a pick-a-door breeding event in winter of 2008.

Kyralic has a very fiery personality; she is outgoing and exciteable, with large amounts of energy to spare. She loves to watch and play with flames, and as a result has a few singed feathers. One of her ears looks scarred as though she’s accidentally set that aflame at some point, too.

Inandip is Kyralic’s little hot-headed Chifui companion. He likes to fly ahead of her and scout where they are going; in his head, he’s playing a game, defending her from possibly encroaching enemies. Sometimes, he likes to think of himself as a tiny bit of flame.

Eldym was won in a breeding slot pick-a-door contest in winter of 2008.

Eldym is a silly, light-headed, fool of a Tasainil, with his head always in the clouds and imagination constantly blossoming. He will jabber on to himself about anything; you may often find him sitting in a patch of grass remarking at its color or considering what sort of contraptions one might make to do any number of things with it. He would never be able to create any such things as he is also highly clumsy.

Xi’Adhil was a gifted color-a-Tasainil from Starwind for the Holidays of 2008. Thank you, Starwind! <3

Xi is a very studious Tasainil. She is quite by-the-books, and actually loves to learn and divulge all sorts of interesting – if often somewhat useless – information. She doesn’t like being told she is wrong; though she has not read every book in the land, she believes even when she has a chance of being incorrect, that whatever she may come up with must be the correct thing simply because she is so smart. Not always the case.

Hear the Snow Crunch is a pony-mimic I won in the Tasainilen Breeding Thread of winter 2008; she’s a mimic of an Mstripe flutterpony I generated on Christmas day!

Snow is a quiet, shy daydreamer. She spends all of her time during the spring, summer, and fall staring out the windows wishing it were snowing. Winter is her favorite season, and she will spend the entirety out enjoying nature, playing with the white fluff that is her namesake and enjoying her short time with it before it melts, and the seasons begin anew, leaving her sighing and wishing for Winter once more…

Meiquo was a thank-you gift from Aranea for the Holidays in 2008. Thank you very much, Aranea, he’s so amazing!

Meiquo is a very sage Tasainil. He has gathered as many of the thoughts of the ages through his years as he could, meditating for long periods between learning, and now one will find him always musing to himself. He rarely dispenses his hoarded wisdom… and perhaps due to his previous years as a monk and basically a hermit, he usually goes about this act in strange ways, because he is not very used to speaking with anyone other than himself. You can just call him ‘profound,’ though.

Beedlebrok is his helpful assistant, a gulo-gulo with a very inquisitive and outgoing personality but who is unable to speak and break the silence Meiquo usually prefers himself to be in.

Tineng was won in a raffle for people who created FAQ questions for the new Tasainilen website in early 2009!

Tineng is a very headstrong Tasainil. He’s certainly not the brightest of the bunch, but he’s very intent on getting things done, and he gets a good feeling from accomplishing things. You will often find him helping others… or just telling them to get out of the way so he can do it, because if you want something done right, you let Tineng do it and don’t bother him while he’s working.

Jokun was won in a franken-Tasainilen event when the Tasainilen Nobles were introduced to PI in early 2009.

Jokun, unlike her berserker-sister Hurlyburly, is not misunderstood or blessed with some sort of insanity… it is entirely her choice to be completely, utterly evil. She absolutely hates other Tasainilen – or any other beings, for that matter – and the only time she will make a pact with a human is when she feels it will benefit her while providing as little benefit as possible to others. She is never happy; she seeks to make sure everyone else is just as unhappy as she is.

Sha Theron was won in a ‘committee’ Franken-Tasainilen event when the Tasainil Nobles were introduced to PI in early 2009.

Like many other Druid Tasainilen, Sha Theron spends the vast amount of her time by herself… though it is not truly her choice. If she hadn’t been born a Druid-matchmaker that helped create love potions and help lovers seek one another, she would be out in the world enjoying herself. As it is, there is an abundance of ‘need’ for love potions but only so many creators, so she spends a majority of her time in her spell-working room, trying to work the kinks out of attraction spells or ready spells for lust and longing. She tends to have a very realistic and logical outlook despite her profession.

Carat was a Color Your Own Tasainil done by myself, for myself, in Spring of 2009.

Carat is a shiny-obsessed Tasainil; she will search out anything and everything that glitters and do anything and everything to have it. She is thusly not very self-interested, but also not the best conversationalist (”Shiny!”)

Sol Ramaz was won in a Franken-Tasainil event in December of 2009.

Sol is a worrywart. He can often be found in a quiet spot, muttering to himself as he plays with the beads around his neck, in his mouth. The beads are very worn and he replaces them several times a year, but doesn’t seem to see an issue with his personality. Still, if you ever need to see what possible pitfalls a plan might have, Sol is your Tasainil.

Lili’kanth was a gift from CosmicDragon during the Tasainilen Secret Santa gifting event of December 2009.

Lili is a mysterious sort of Tasainil, whose words don’t always match her actions and whose actions don’t seem to follow any pattern at all. It could be she’s suffering from some sort of trauma – physical or emotional – that causes her to act out, or perhaps it is just “her way”. Either way, she can be very disconcerting to be around, at times.

Tylia Dae was a gift from Starwind during the Tasainilen Secret Santa gifting event of December 2009.

Tylia Dae is the sister of Aruna Dae (here) (belongs to Starwind). Her sister is a warm, generous, caring Tasainil who seems to make happiness grow and magnify in all those around her. In contrast, Tylia seems almost cold in her approach to life. She loves her sister dearly but can’t seem to understand emotion or its importance. She is blunt, and rarely cares about the results of what she says or does. She doesn’t have any very close attachments and, aside from contact with her sister, tends to keep to herself.

Gene was a gift from Nequais during the Tasainilen Secret Santa gifting event of December 2009.

Gene says everything backward. It’s some odd, unfortunate result of a concussion in his teenage years. He can understand the regular tongue perfectly well and he thinks he speaks it as it should be, but it is backward, and thus rather hard to understand. Otherwise he is a very good-natured and outgoing Tasainil. He’s also very strong and loves to help other Tasainilen with chores or projects they may be too weak to complete.

Tashalle was a randomly-chosen Reindeer Pony mimic during the holidays of 2010.

Tashalle is a soft, pleasant girl, with a simple way of speaking and a simple way of acting. She doesn’t like complication, and on the outside her life may look carefree, but in her mind she is always wondering if she should do something more. She frequently gets overlooked by peers and seems to have few goals or hobbies; a simple lifestyle.

Dasadana was a gift from Starwind during the gifting events of the holidays of 2010.

With her spectacular colors, Dasadana tends to attract males of all sorts, but she shuns them equally because she has a taste for the softer side of the race. She is a mentor and caregiver, a solid stone in the ever-changing river. She hopes to one day be famous for selling the items she has painstakingly learned how to knit and crochet.

Asantha was a gift from Geob during the gifting events of the holidays of 2010.

Despite her dark coloring, Asantha is a surprisingly tame and considerate beast. She loves to help and can frequently be found spending her time assisting humans in various tasks they are too weak or unable to do. She never asks for anything in return, though she does love a good fruit cocktail. Unfortunately, she has a bit of a rivalry with Lili’kanth; the two Tasainilen had their eyes on the same Gulo Gulo, but it ended up bonding with Lili’kanth, instead.

Pyric was a gift from usedog2 during the gifting events of the holidays of 2010.

A secretive Tasainilen to say the least, Pyric spends very little time with humans, and even less with others of his own kind. He has a fatalistic view of life and tends to be a worry-wort as a result; he’s afraid that any action he has will have untold but exponential negative consequences. He may have been told about the Butterfly Effect a little too early in life and seems to have been scarred by it.

Ghedemin is the result of a breeding between my Sha Theron and Meiquo in June of 2011, as celebration of Aranea finding the Tasainilen templates!

Ghedemin is a timid soul, spending as much free time with his mother as she’ll allow and staying a long distance from his “profound” father. He has a distinct interest in the mechanical, and will frequently be found tinkering with cogs and sprockets and levers and pulleys and many other such things in his free time. He has it in his head that there is a female Tasainil out there specifically for him; he hasn’t found her yet, but he hopes.

Adinquo is the result of a breeding between my Ghedemin and Delicious’ Aerr, from the breeding season of September/October 2011.

Adinquo is more than a little antisocial, tending to approach others only with the intention of displaying or selling some of his fine wares. He’s quite the timepiece artisan, but he knows it, so he has a tendency to become rather boastful about it… and a tendency to try to weasel you out of every last piece of gold you have. He doesn’t tend to spend it; rather, he seems to be collecting quite the gold hoard…

Cynkai is the result of a breeding between Echos’ Hkaipocia and HybridSiren’s D’ricyn, from the breeding season of September/October 2011.

As an orphan, Cynkai grew up between several different foster homes, but she never let it get her down. She tends to be on the optimistic side, and more than a bit hyperactive, especially because of her massive sugar intake. Her obsession with sugar hasn’t kept her too occupied, though, because she’s managed to become an apprentice at a magical candle shop.

Atta Fa’rrow is a Franken-Tasainilen, won in events during the breeding season of September/October 2011.

Atta is a Druid from the northern climes, so used to snow that she feels at home enrobed in a number of thick, furry accessories, including her prized Alpaca wool neckwarmer. She wears these things even in the summertime. She has a thick, barely-understandable accent, but once you’re able to understand her, you’ll find she’s quite personable and more than a little gossipy.

Fissandra is a CYO from the Halloween events in early November 2011.

Brightly-colored but not-so-bright, Fissandra has a childish outlook and approaches everything with a naivete that makes her almost dangerous to be around. It’s a wonder she’s lived as long as she has… but she’s so pitiful, other Tasainilen tend to take pity on her and look after her, making sure she doesn’t injure herself or get herself into too much trouble.

Rastrakkan is a CYO from the Halloween events in early November 2011.

Rastrakkan (or Rastra, as he likes to be called) is a rather intimidating Tasainilen, with more than a little strange of a demeanor. He has a tendency to act condescending to anyone and everything, though he frequently admits when he doesn’t know his own tail from a snake in the grass. He’s not particularly interested in the females of his species, spending more time with humans and other males than most average Tasainilen.

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