Forlorn Mists

Unicorns of Kalidore

Here you will find Pristine’s herd of the Unicorns of Kalidore, each stabled in luxury and class, gold-plated wooden door frames leading to huge stalls engorged with pillows and blankets and troughs filled to the rim with perfectly-spiced, extra-healthy and extra-tasty gruel, and a giant – seemingly unending – pasture in which to frolic or simply enjoy the sunshine.

Ryhenna was won in a Firebringer Trilogy auction event. I am so, so, so, so, so glad that I won her, as she is one of my favorite characters from the series (despite being essentially secondary or tertiary).

I’ll post her personality when I finally find a copy of the book and can re-read and find out what it was, specifically, so I don’t get it wrong. :P

Jade was won during the UoK Chinese New Year event; she was a ‘mystery bag’ prize in a raffle.

Jade is a very mature foal for her age. She is interested in all around her, but also very patient, and not easily exciteable. She likes to spend most of her days simply lying around in warm sun rays, though sometimes she’s been known to sneak off to the library for a good read (a hobby she tries to keep secret).

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