Forlorn Mists

Song of the Corrupted Umbra

Song of the Corrupted Umbra

Lead Stallion: Poison of the Twisted Heart

Lead Mare: Shadow of the Quiet Dusk

Song Status: Semi-Open

If you would like to join this song, please PM either Pristine or CosmicDragon on Pony Island. Currently this song is for only this mare and stallion, but if you believe you own a Samanayr that would go well with them, and you would like to join, just let us know.

When the burning sting of rejection breaks the throbbing heart and leaves it to wither, the quiet dusk descends on the mind, leaving all thoughts to waste away. It is only when the heart becomes twisted that the true shadow falls, long, across the psyche, ready to reap the rewards of the depths of despair. The poison is never far and always potent.

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