Forlorn Mists

Song of the Illustrated Flight

Song of the Illustrated Flight

Lead Stallion: Reel at the Rainbow’s End

Lead Mare: Turquoise of the Vibrant Artist

Song Status: Closed

If you would like to join this song, please PM Pristine on Pony Island. If you would like to breed with this song, please get permission from both Pristine (on Pony Island) and Jennalyn (on the Samanayr Forums).


As pencil touches parchment, imagination takes flight, and every motion of casual grace marks another spark of creativity. The lines turn to shapes and shapes turn to larger ideas and soon what was mere graphite becomes the manifestation of years of pervasive thought. Flight; to the skies, over rainbows, through clouds, to the heavens. It is just a scribble, now, but one day the dream of the illustrated flight will be real.

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