Forlorn Mists

Song of the Rainfall’s Journey

Song of the Rainfall’s Journey

Lead Stallion: Mystic of the Scarce Rainfall

Lead Mare: Journey of the Seeking Wind

Other Mares:

Illusion of the Dancing Waters

Song Status: Closed

If you would like to join or breed with this song, please PM Pristine, Orasteele, and/or amazondreamer on the Samanayr forums.


From droplets forming in clouds high above the land to precipitation raining down, spattering the dry earth and wettest land alike, the rains are a life-giving force; a crucial part to the survival of all species of plant and animal, anything that lives or has hope of living. The rains do not stay in one place… sometimes they travel great distances to reach the parched, neediest lives, and the cycle is one of the most powerful and integral of those that exist in nature.

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