Forlorn Mists

Song of the Sterling Brilliance

Song of the Sterling Brilliance

Lead Stallion: Stream of Molten Silver

Lead Mare: Light of the Emerging Spring

Other Mares:

Autumn of the Jasper Vineyard

Memory of the Ancient Sky

Song Status: Semi-Open

If you would like to join or breed with this song, please PM Pristine, Echos, or Rekyrem on Pony Island, or Jennalyn on the Samanayr forums. Breeding with Autumn does not require permission BUT Pristine and Jennalyn would like to know you are using the mare/stallion. Thanks!


Winter has no hold on the Spring when it wants to begin; the thaw and melt begin when the light of emerging spring graces the winter’s frosty grip, and melting snow turns to streams of molten silver. As the water trickles and rushes toward awaiting rivers, the song of this sterling brilliance rings out from every thirsty blade of grass to every sun-greeting bird to every Samanayr’s heart.

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