Forlorn Mists


Here resides Pristine’s meager herd of the Vokane, currently the Lonely Wind only. They are given their fair share of delicious mushrooms and grasses and rare meats to feast upon, and the cleanliest and warmest caves in which to sleep.


Pawilo was gifted to me during the Vokane’s introductory phase, on a forum off of PI, in 2010.

Pawilo is effectively mute, her speech consisting mostly of animal noises paired with the occasional mimic of another of the Vokane. Despite this, she’s relatively well-adjusted, carefree, and optimistic. She has a deep connection to the living world around her.


Devlina is a custom (actually pre-made so BJJLilly could surprise me with her!) given to me for my participation in the first RP for the Vokane in Generals in December of 2010.

Devlina is a daredevil of the highest degree. Every insane, dangerous, possibly deadly thing she hears about, she immediately wants to do. This is probably why she’s missing feathers and fur in some patches, and seems to have such an odd coloration: one day, she happened to fly through a patch of Vapors that were hiding a Worm… when the Worm suddenly let out a shock of electricity, something in the Vapors bonded with her skin and caused the bright patterning on her torso, midsection, and tail.


Halcyon was won in a game of Franken-Vokane in a giveaway thread in January of 2011. Hector the Floof is a custom I won (can’t recall where) in spring of 2011.

Halcyon is always in a hurry… if you see her and she seems relaxed or unconcerned, then she should be taken to see a medic. She says there are always places to go and things to do, and she looks down on the lazy and helpless. She spends most of her time tending to her vast gardens; even with Hector as her helper, there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of flowers and plants to tend to, so it’s no wonder she’s always so busy.


Chapal was won from a Vokane raffle held in February of 2011.

Chapal is one of Devlina’s closest friends, because he is also a risk-taker, though not nearly as crazy as she. He seems very interested in Worms, a mysterious and possibly dangerous creature in the Skylocked Peninsula; something about lightning intrigues him, and you will always find him outside during a good thunderstorm.


Sutara is a pony mimic of my flutterpony, Strong Notion, won in a pony mimic event around April of 2011.

Sutara is, at once, every Vokane’s friend and a complete and utter loner. She just can’t seem to find a single Vokane whose company she enjoys enough to go out of her way to spend time with them. Everyone is nice, but no one seems to share her interests, which tend to sit somewhere on the border between boring and outright torture. She does, however, make the perfect mediator, and has since taken up the task whenever it is needed.


Saarl was won as part of a ‘Treasure Hunt’ across BJJlilly and Synzaphine’s accounts in an event thread in June and July of 2011.

Saarl is more than a little obsessive-compulsive, having preened his feathers into disarray. He’s missing much of his smaller wing plumage, and even some of his beautiful throat mane seems to be ripped out or patchy. Despite these small, outward imperfections, Saarl tends to channel his obsessive energy into learning and completing aerial and acrobatic performances.


Betsalel is a pony mimic of Betsalel, my reindeer DVSO. He was a gift from a free pony mimic contest in a Vokane event thread in June/July of 2011.

Betsalel is well aware that his dark markings allow him to shift through the shadows with little notice… and he uses this to his advantage, as a thief. Unfortunately, he believes himself such a great thief that he frequently finds himself being exposed, caught, and punished. He’s also a bit gullible, believing some of the biggest fish tales about treasures ripe for the taking and getting in over his head more often than not.


T’ssok was purchased in a flatsale by Synzaphine in an event thread in June/July of 2011.

With his clearly camouflaged feathers and fur, T’ssok found himself easily able to hide in the brush as a child. This skill came in handy for sneaking up on prey, and soon T’ssok found himself using it for other things… namely, to watch the very same wildlife he used to stalk. Birds are especially wary of the huge Lonely Wind, so it’s always been a wonder that this giant brute of a male could simply crouch in a nearby bush and go undetected. Birds have become so used to the sight of him, some have begun to perch on him occasionally; he doesn’t seem to mind.


Kiru was won as part of a two-part prize for participating in a “catch that box!” event Synzaphine ran in July of 2011. He is a twin to Kitty Kinneas’ Urik the Fallen Enchanter (clicky).

No one quite knows why Urik and Kiru are so similar but so different… it is speculated that something happened to them to change them, fundamentally, in the womb of their mother, because they have been at odds practically since birth. Though they are different in nearly every way, they tend to seek comfort in each other, and Kiru will always forgive his brother’s trespasses.


Alaho was won as a semi-custom Lonely Wind voucher from a GIANT raffle held in June of 2011. Aldurren was won in the same raffle, pre-made by Azuretide.

Alaho wasn’t always the stargazer he is today. Early in his life, he was practically blind. As a child, almost everything around him was a blur of color and nonsense, and he developed slowly and made few friends from his resulting reclusive nature. It was only one day when a sweet, kind female Lonely Wind offered to help him fly that he found himself enjoying another’s company. They flew for several days, nearly a week, but one day a tragic accident caused his lady-friend – whose name he never even learned – to fall from the sky. He dove to save her and crashed straight into a Worm he did not see. When he awoke in a grassy field from the concussion, he had surprisingly perfect eyesight, and the first thing he glimpsed in the night was a falling star. He looks for the falling stars, now, bittersweet reminders of the only Vokane he may have ever grown close to. His silent floof pal, Aldurren, is perpetually at his side.


Kalhurrin and Kahina were both won as prizes from the GIANT raffle held in June of 2011.

With few words to say, Kalhurrin Is more than a bit of a loner. He was teased relentlessly as a child, but never seemed to mind it, always looking more than content to play with himself. It wasn’t until his talent to unearth jewels of splendid color and quality came to light that he began to gain popularity… but he treated that with the same indifference, confiding only in his little Floof chum Kahina, who dotes on him endlessly in return.


F’row is a baby from a breeding between Casylia’s Wheave the Gentle Nestmaker and my T’ssok the Camouflaged Birdwatcher, from the breeding thread in August 2011.

With more than a little encouragement from her parents, F’row grew to become one of the leading (or only?) ecologists among the Lonely Wind. She’s frequently out scouting around, observing the patterns and lifestyles and biology of the various creatures of the Skylocked Peninsula, though she is more interested in birds than anything. She can become quite fierce when it comes to protecting the natural ecology of certain, protected places.


Sahivre is a baby from a breeding between my Devlina the Intrepid Acrobat and my Saarl the Obsessive Performer, from a breeding thread in August of 2011.

With more than a little belief in her talents, Sahivre is a hard Lonely Wind to deal with. She’s extremely loud and boisterous, even going so far as to talk over her own parents and claim she’s got more skill than they do… though they taught her all of her tricks. She’s actually not nearly as good as her mother, but she makes up for it in her confidence. Any time a new and dangerous acrobatic feat is thought up, she’s the first to volunteer.


Idianne is a baby from my Chapal the Nimble Stormchaser and Cyradis4’s Jasper the Fierce Protector of Many Treasures, from a breeding thread in August of 2011.

Idianne has stayed close to her father, Chapal, since her birth. She’s extremely shy, even as an adult, preferring the whispers of the wind to the chatter of fellow Lonely Wind. She’s frightened of storms and has never followed her father on any dangerous cloud-hunts, but she absolutely adores the common white, fluffy cumulus clouds and spends her days chasing them and wetting herself in their suspended droplets.


Solaniil is a baby from my Kiru the Exalted Enchanter and Kitty Kinneas’ Urik the Fallen Enchanter, from a breeding thread in August of 2011.

For as calm, kind, and patient as his father Kiru is, Solaniil is downright miserable to be around. Nothing can be said in his presence without his having to contradict it in some fashion. He’s the Devil’s advocate if the Devil’s advocate was hell-bent on even defying the Devil. He may have some sort of heart or soul inside that difficult-to-deal-with exterior, but it would be torture to stick around and find out.


Inali is a pony mimic custom, one of many given out for filling out a survey in December of 2011.

Contrary to first glance, the ’stygian’ in Inali’s title does not only refer to her black colors. In many ways, Inali is a thinker of dark thoughts and a doer of dark deeds. It may be because she seems to have some sort of connection to the spirit world. It is said by some that the spirits whisper to her in her sleep and corrupt her waking mind with an almost subliminal quality, but there is no way to verify such a thing; she won’t speak of it.


Aspen is a pony mimic custom from early 2012.

If it weren’t for her need to eat and drink, aspen would spend her days lazily watching the skies and day-dreaming. She has a vivid imagination that’s somewhat like lucid dreaming, and she’s a bit of a loner, so she’s more than happy to while the day away just creating fun scenarios for herself.


Jyllkiin is a franken-Vokane created in June of 2012.

Some speculate the crafting came before the nervousness, while others speculate she crafted to keep her nervous hands busy. Jyllkiin is not about to say; approaching Vokane often frighten her momentarily and she has a bit of a flighty mind, paranoid about several things at once and difficult to focus. Still, she’s excellent at crafting things, from jewelry to rudimentary clothing to flatware to decorations like wreathes and ribbons. She can be a bit of a pack-rat, but she says she needs all of it for the crafting.


Kalana was won in a Franken-Vokane during the Christmas thread of 2012.

With more than a fair lack of short-term memory, Kalana isn’t the easiest Vokane to deal with. She also has a somewhat hyper personality, so she can begin to ramble about her own shortcomings. She’s learned to mostly laugh at herself and found enjoyment in getting others to laugh at her antics, and she’s grown into a highly acrobatic and entertaining jester.


Thisvanya was purchased from a flatsale in the Christmas thread of 2012.

From a young age, Thisvanya found herself interested in the birthing process of the Lonely Wind. Her keen eye for detail and ability to learn new tasks quickly made her the star pupil of the midwives. Unfortunately, she has a very brusque and personality that can be off-putting to first-time mothers, so her services are rarely used.


Ylloh was won in a guess-the-hidden-picture game during Christmas of 2012.

As a candlemaker, Ylloh is very deft with her hands… but she can be quite clumsy otherwise. Despite this, she is always quite jolly, bouncing around from conversation to conversation and chore to chore without a negative thought in the world. She always has a smile and kind word for other Lonely Wind and does her best to keep everyone in high spirits.


Gelhardt was won in a Franken-Vokane event in January of 2013.

With a cruel sneer, Gelhardt stalks and ends the lives of his prey, never once considering anything beyond the pleasure he’ll receive when they die. Once he has spotted and mentally marked a target, he will do everything in his power to bring it down, and he’s sustained a number of injuries in his many and long pursuits. Due to his single-minded nature, he’s not the most social or friendly of the Lonely Wind.



Corsair was won in a semi-custom contest using the Design Seeds website (his palette was mental vacation) in January of 2013.

With all of the pluck and courage of the most intrepid adventurer, Corsair is a Lonely Wind with a mission: finding water. He can find even the smallest puddle in the midst of a sea of blue-green. It seems he’s able to smell the moisture somehow.

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